Welcome to the Direct Archdiocesan District’s pre-marital workshop, the Journey of Marriage. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese recognizes the importance of providing information and guidance to those who are about to celebrate the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. This workshop provides useful, practical information and instruction in techniques that help keep couples on the path that leads to oneness and, ultimately, to salvation. 

The Journey of Marriage workshops have been offered for over five years and have benefitted hundreds of couples planning to marry in the Greek Orthodox Church. It is our hope that even more couples can benefit from this online version of the workshop. The online presentation is a compliment to the Participant Manuals, which we hope couples will follow along in during the workshop and keep for reference for years to come. Finally, a ‘live’ follow-up session is offered to participants to provide answers to questions, to clarify and reinforce the messages of the workshop, and to provide an opportunity for each couple to interact with an experienced facilitator who can share wisdom from their own journey. 

It is our sincere and fervent prayer that you find success and happiness in your Journey of Marriage. May God bless you and your marriage! 


The Direct Archdiocesan District’s Journey of Marriage team consists of several volunteer facilitators located around the DAD from the tri-state area to Washington, DC. These volunteers donate their time presenting the workshop at DAD parishes. Our spiritual leader is Father Elias Villis, who also acts as our liaison to the DAD and GOA. We are also blessed to receive guidance and advice from one of the authors of the Journey of Marriage, Dr. Philip Mamalakis. 

The ranks of the Journey of Marriage facilitators include marriage and family therapists as well as married individuals and couples made up of “cradle Orthodox” and converts. Our mission is to  facilitate the participation of couples in the six sessions of the workshop to maximize its benefit to them in their marriages.  

Online Class

Due to COVID19, the marriage seminar will be done via online learning. Click here to enter the class.