Journey of Marriage – Direct Archdiocesan District (New York)

Welcome to the Journey of Marriage workshop! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We know you’re probably already busy preparing for the big day. There can be a long list of things to do to make sure that one day goes perfectly. But what about all the days that come after that? 

The Journey of Marriage workshop is specifically designed to prepare Orthodox Christian couples for a lifetime of building oneness and the kind of ‘happily ever after’ that comes from putting your spouse’s happiness ahead of your own. 

You’ve already taken the first step by talking with your priest. He has sent you here. Before you begin the online sessions, make sure you have received a pair of the Journey of Marriage Couple’s Workbook. These are yours to keep. Please feel free to make notes in your books and refer to them in the various activities of the session. Once you have completed the six online sessions, follow the instructions you will find to enroll in a live follow-up session in which you can ask questions of our facilitators and they can provide you with additional information and advice from their own marriage experience. It’s a great way for us to make sure that we are effectively communicating this important information to you. 

The Journey of Marriage is offered as an in-person seminar at host parishes around the Direct Archdiocesan District. Trained facilitators guide student couples through six sessions in a day that is filled with learning, fun, and interaction among the couples. It is strongly recommended that couples who are able to attend one of the in-person workshops, register for the workshop by clicking “in-person” below. 

If the proximity of your wedding date or some other circumstance prevents you and your fiancé from being able to attend any of the in-person Journey of Marriage workshops, we offer an online version. Please register by clicking “online” below. 

In either case you are required to purchase two copies of the Couples’ Workbook for use during the course at a price of $30 for the pair.