Welcome to the pre-marital workshop, the Journey of Marriage. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese recognizes the importance of providing information and guidance to those who are about to celebrate the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. This workshop provides useful, practical information and instruction in techniques that help keep couples on the path that leads to oneness and, ultimately, to salvation. 

It is our sincere and fervent prayer that you find success and happiness in your Journey of Marriage. May God bless you and your marriage! 


The Journey of Marriage workshops have been offered for years and have benefitted hundreds of couples planning to marry in the Greek Orthodox Church. We offer the workshop as an in-person experience at host parishes throughout the DAD in the fall and spring. Couples interact with our trained facilitators and other couples who are going through the same experiences they are. 

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The Journey of Marriage course is conducted at the Metropolis level within the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Visit the enrollment page to see the currently participating Metropolises and enroll.

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